What I think about Nut-Jobs Hijacking my RELIGION!

For many people, Islam may be considered a scary religion. For me, it is my life. What makes me the saddest is that it is completely the opposite of scary. We DO NOT believe in killing people, terrorizing people, or trying to get our point across through intimadating others.

It's a little like someone labeling your child as a monster, and you know that your child is one of the kindest, sweetest children out there. I hope that people understand that as Muslims, we are OUTRAGED by these violent and MINDLESS acts of terror that are labeled "Islamic"...it's NOT fair that in people's minds we are all catagorized under the umbrella of terrorists.

These idiots that are holding these attacks are the biggest enemies to Islam! They are like a cancer corrupting a body...they are killing our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness!

I am mad! I want a wonderful, fruitful future for my family in MY AMERICA, MY HOME!


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