Reflections on the "Inner Tour" (2001)

I was just perusing my older musings and I came across my reflections on a movie called "The Inner Tour". It's mainly about a group of people that were made refugees from Palestine in 1948. They were allowed a three day pass to tour what is now called Israel. Below are my reflections as I watched in sadness as I learned of the people who would always be displaced.
My Reflections: (I can't remember what scene prompted this response...but here it is)
His voice was carried on the winds. A voice that no one has yet heard the beauty of its like. The melody rose and fell with the current of the breeze as he walked toward the clearing. The sun was barely kissing the horizon when he reached the front steps of his school.

This was after the scene where an old man on the tour asked the driver to stop the bus while driving down a busy highway in Israel. He got off the bus and walked on the side of the highway and kept going. He then stopped and named every plant that he passed...and then he said "and this is where my grandfather was buried". After the making of this movie, the old man passed away.

My Reflections:
The trees call to his soul…the land whispers a long and powerful wale of agony. Where are you oh loved one…where are you and why did you leave me? I loved you but you left without a trace. Now I wait for your return and all I can do is cry. For the ones that stayed, they are weak and alone…their blood pores into every crack of my being.

“One tear is worth the world to me”

This scene took place when we (the audience) learned that a young man on the tour could only have contact with his mother in Lebanon by way of a fence on the Israel-Lebanon border.

My Reflections:
Only seeing you through a fence because of the borders that Man created…I was born of you…and yet now I am alone…the only way to see you mother is through the metal of a fence and the rocks that divide. What is life without you mama…what is life without you?

My Reflections on the movie as a whole:
History is a twisted and complicated hall of mirrors…Not all the mirrors are the same…each time you look in one…you’ll find a totally different reflection starring right back at you.

Eyes piercing with the old memories of home…tears on the brink of my eyelids sit…and wait to land on the soft green earth that was home so long ago. The land where my fathers died…and truly it is a blessed land. He knew where every plant was planted and what it was even after all the years that had transcended.

Now I understand why they love plants so much…without them…there would be no home…there would be no life.


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