The "3 Little Pigs" and Other Musings.

Day-in day-out we have so much to be thankful for...and we don't even realize it. God has blessed us with so many things - far too numerous to count.

Have you ever thought of how lucky we are to have involuntary mechanisms set up in our bodies as such that we don't have to think about them happening. It is miraculous that our bodies know that we have to breathe in and out at the right pace so that the oxygen, heart and the body all flow in sync. It is amazing what we have going on inside of us. Have you ever thought about the miracle of a fetus growing is inside his/her mother. For most of the first month of pregnancy, a woman hardly gets a hint that she is pregnant. As human beings we have NO CLUE how lucky we are to be alive and functional in this world.

Sure it's very easy to complain about every single ache and pain in your body...but what a strain! Instead why not think about how grateful you are to have the ability to feel changes in your body occur. Thanking God for being healthy and not-so healthy are a blessing...because, no matter what - it could always be worse!

Just some random thoughts on a random Wednesday night/Thursday early morning.



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