"Honour" Killings, Culture and Islam

I was both saddened and sickened when I heard about the "honour" killings of the three teenage sisters and first wife of the Shafia family, Afghan immigrants to Canada.  I just want to make it clear, there is no honour in killing anyone.  With culture comes some heavy and dirty baggage.  I am sorry that these people that conduct these so-called "honour" killings are even called Muslim.  It is sad and heart wrenching to think that others can justify such acts of hate and abuse on women and girls. 

Men do not own women.  We were put on this Earth to complete one another, not compete or kill one another.  There is beauty in life, and to kill anyone is a shameful act against all of humankind.  There is always hope for change and guidance...hope only ceases to exist when we are 6 feet under...and sadly that was the case for all four of these women.

Again, I reiterate that this is not my religion, this is not Islam.

The following podcast is from BBC's "World Have Your Say". This discussion took place on January 30, 2012.  Please listen and if you'd like, post your thoughts. 




  1. Thank you Mona for sharing this so simply and succinctly. What a terrible tragedy.
    Salaams to you and the family. Yara sends a kiss to Aseel!


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