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A Tribute to the words of my children "1-2-3-4 Kick the LION out the Door"

Oh Syria,  cradle of Islamic civilization.  Syria, the land where most of my Islamic Studies and Quran teachers are from...oh Allah please protect this beautiful land of knowledge and wisdom...protect the people of Syria...Allahuma Ameen.

The other day I was watching to the news and my children (both very young) asked what was going on...I told them bad people are hurting/killing a lot of people in Syria. They answered..."Mama, you said the bad guys never win...inshaAllah they will not win"...and I completely agree...InshaAllah they will not win.

I saw this poem on I thought it was very appropriate for the horrible times that are passing through Syria these days. Syria our hearts and prayers are with you.


Poem For Syria - From

soft white syrian jasmine blooms

and showers the land

where my mother lived diagonally

across the street from my father

its scent flutters delicately in the air

over sidewalks covered

in lopsided stone

we used to whisper


to one another

us sisters

insults about Assad

man who insists

he rule above

a country of graves

who chases

after the setting sun

our frightened young words

now storm

the country

while thousands of claps

echo in swollen alleyways

and the people will march

for all the days stolen from the dead

city that takes its time


the world is asking for your news

carrier of old memories

place where we used to

kick soccer balls


between passing cars

and race to buy snacks

from shop owner who insisted

we pay him back later

each time


is it true that your army is full of heartless killers?

daraa’s streets

are alive today with running voices

crowded with

live bodies

fighting tanks

live bodies

fighting bullets


lying lifeless on the ground

fighting Assad’s legitimacy

while others have

five more minutes


and run

I hear

some soldiers

are still switching sides

gun shots pop, pound

and heartbeats shudder

the old man’s camera


as he watches criminals

fire death

into the sky

and posts it online

after the explosion

the earth rattled

so they shouted:

“god is greater”

who built

this earth

to shake

showing bravery so dazzling

that casts its light over light from the sun

defenders of the realm

peace be on you

your proud spirits will

not be subdued

you will bring the lion to its knees

with freedom soaking in your eyes

and smiles that tell of triumphs

 A Prayer for Egypt and Syria

اللهم إني أسألك باسمك الأعظم الذي إذا دعيت به أجبت وإذا سئلت به أعطيت

اللهم انصر أهلنا وإخواننا في مصر وسوريا ...احقن دمائهم ... استر عوراتهم وآمن روعاتهم وتولى أمرهم واحفظهم في أرواحهم

وأعراضهم وأموالهم واغفر لنا تقصيرنا في حقهم
اللهم عليك ببشار من عاونه ومن رضي فعله اللهم احصهم عددا واقتلهم بددا ولا تبقي منهم أحدا ...اللهم أرنا فيهم آية ولا ترفع لهم

اللهم أنزل عليهم عذابك وبأسك فإنهم لا يعجزونك

اللهم إننا دعوناك كما أمرتنا ..فاستجب لنا كما وعدتنا

آمين آمين آمين

This prayer is for both Egypt and Syria. Egypt is still struggling to become the country that it so rightfully has fought for...Syria is on the brink inshaAllah (God-willing) to taste freedom very soon.


  1. The poem is so bitter sweet,I can't imagine what it's like watching something so beautiful turn rotten.And that Ayah from surahtul Nisaa was very fitting.Allah ma3ahom enshalla,them as well as any other country currently in the process of trying to over throw their dictator will remain in my du'a :(


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