So Heavy on My Heart by Rabia Miriam Davis- Ndiaye

So heavy on my heart, yet I often keep silent...

Hot running water,
a comb for your hair,
shoes for your feet,
fresh water everywhere,
but you still complain,
not knowing real struggle,
you should look elsewhere,
feel the pain of your brother.
A loving spouse,
no bombs aimed at your home,
no battle torn shacks,
but safe streets you can roam.
Yet you still complain,
"Oh my aching feet",
what about the murdered babies,
they are dying in the street.
The shaytan is at work here,
but Allah has a plan,
so we should not fear,
not the actions of a man.
While it's really inhumane,
and we watch from our TV,
we are truly really too far,
but blame lies with you and me.
Let's make a change,
not just hate it in our heart,
the time is moving swiftly,
we must get ready and start.
Write to the White House,
heart felt letters they must receive.
Help all that are oppressed,
they are helpless and they grieve.

by Rabia Miriam Davis- Ndiaye


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