A Christmas Letter - for Parents Looking for the Right Words

Hello Dear Reader,

It has been a while since my last post.  I have been very busy with my children and just recently started to write again Alhamdulilah.  Below is a letter that I typed up for anyone in need to express their feelings about the over zealous celebrations of Christmas that might be happening in your public school. I give you permission to modify it, use it and share it.

Nice writing to you again!


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Date: ______

Subject: Christmas in Public School

Dear Ms./Mr. ______,

The Holiday Season is nearing, the lights are lining rooftops, the inflatable Santas are nodding around in the wind, and the nativity scenes are popping up on front lawns. As a nation that has completely commercialized Christmas, one would think that our children would not be subjected to these cultural pressures by way of our public schools.

There are many families that do not observe Christmas, such as Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Agnostics and Atheists, yet our children in public schools seem to be in a constant barrage of Christmas throughout the two weeks after Thanksgiving. As people from different cultural and religious backgrounds, we find it offensive that our school is inculcating love for Christmas in all the children of our school, be they Christian or otherwise.  

We do not believe it is the place of a public school to address religious holidays.  The duty of a public school is to address the diverse population it serves and educate our children.  The “public” in the United States of America is a very broad and colorful range of different people. Due to the nature and eclectic diversity of America, there is no official religion in our great Nation.    The duty of a public school is not to force religious practices on their students.  Even if there are alternative activities to various Christmas celebrations, any children given these alternatives will still feel like the odd ones out.

As parents of children that are extremely precious to us, we have handpicked the best areas of town to live in order for them to get the best education at our local public schools. We pay our taxes to benefit our community and directly benefit the schools in our neighborhoods.  As tax paying individuals, we expect that the schools that our children attend are void of religious pressures and controversy.  This being said, favoring one religion over any other way of life, is an infringement of our rights as fellow taxpayers in our communities.    

We are asking our administrators and anyone of conscience to help us get equal representation in our public schools. We all have the right to express ourselves and be heard. Our children deserve the best, and what can be better than equal representation and feeling a sense of belonging.
Please contact me with follow-ups on this matter, as it is of dire importance to our family. Thank you for your time and understanding.


[Sign Your Name]


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