On the Colorado Planned Parenthood Shooting

So many of you may have heard of the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA that killed three and injured several.  If you don't know what I'm referring, here's a little background info:
The three killed were two civilians and a police officer.  According to many news sources, the shooter mentioned "baby parts" as he was being led away, which gives reason to believe he was acting against abortion.  (Sarcasm incoming) Yes, I am pro-life, excuse me for a second while I shoot and kill or injure several people.
As horrifying as the event itself was, I am absolutely disgusted by some people's comments in the aftermath.  Some are listed in this link:
I'm not even sure where to start.  Numbers one ("#PlannedParenthood shooter has done more in one day to save black babies than #BlackLivesMatter has done in the last several months.") and eleven ("ISIS would be a Justifiable End for These Baby Killers Please go to Syria and Leave these babies to Live a Free Life in America #PPShooting") not only address this issue in a horribly insensitive way, but also bring in two other well-known serious social issues.  Four ("Active Shooter Colorado Planned Parenthood.  I would think this brave HERO is saving innocent Baby lives!") and five ("planned parenthood kills a million babies and none bats an eye. but 1 brave hero tries to put a stop to that, everyone loses their minds") go as far as to call this shooter a hero.  I sincerely hope these people don't have a say in their children's role models.  Numbers two ("I wonder how many unborn babies were save by this gunman interrupting normal Planned Parenthood activities? Just looking on the bright side") and nine ("@theblaze #PlannedParenthood no mention of how many babies lives were saved??? Such a shame but good things often come from tragedy.") parade under a disgusting facade of optimism, and finally numbers three ("No sympathy for any pregnant female who was injured in the Planned Parenthood shooting that was there to get an abortion.  She deserved it.") and eight ("Folks upset that murders & murder enablers died at #PlannedParenthood but babies die at #PlannedParenthood everyday, why shouldn't adults?") are straightforward and show an appalling lack of respect for other human beings.
I've seen things like this before.  People who hold strong opinions on something will comment on a  tragedy in a flippant and disrespectful way to boost their own opinion.  I have absolutely no respect or patience for people like this.
Here's the thing: You are welcome to have an opinion about something.  I don't mind if you disagree with me on a topic, in fact I welcome a nice discussion.  HOWEVER, when you start being hypocritical and USING other people's tragedies and grief as a stepladder for your own agenda, that is where I begin to dislike you.
Ranting aside, here's some information on how abortion is viewed in Islam.  There are different opinions from different scholars.  Some say abortion is not allowed at all, while others say it is allowed for the first 120 days in pregnancy, after which the soul has been placed into the fetus.  Generally, abortion is discouraged, even if the scholar thinks it is permissible during the first 120 days.  However, if carrying the pregnancy to term poses a threat to the life of the woman, it is, in fact, required that she get an abortion, so as not to endanger her own life.
On my own opinion about abortion, I am pro-choice.  However, I do not support abortion nor would I get an abortion myself aside from medical reasons.  Confused?  I understand.  Here's the thing: for me, being pro-choice is exactly that, supporting choice.  There's a reason it isn't called pro-abortion.  I do not support abortion, I support a woman's right to control over her own body.  I understand that just because I don't believe in something doesn't mean I'm going to force that opinion on others.
Furthermore, getting an abortion is not often a light decision.  It can easily cause emotional and psychological issues.  I wouldn't get an abortion but if a friend or relative of mine had to for whatever reason, I would help them through that emotional pain, not shame them for it and potentially make it worse.
I hope you found my rant and explanation useful.
Until next time!


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