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The Least That I Can Do.

Close your eyes...
Do you remember the day that you found out you were or someone you loved was pregnant? Do you remember that exhilarating joy? I remember it like it was yesterday. I am a happy mother of two awesome kids, praise be to God (Alhamdulilah). I remember the day that I found out I was pregnant with both…I was a little scared, happy and I couldn’t believe that I was going to be a mother…it was amazing. The second I find out that I was pregnant I become aware that there was a person inside…I was, in a way, scared for their lives. I became aware of the little sweet secret I had, it was bundled inside of me, an experience only I could ever experience…I was pregnant with my very own baby. No one else would feel the morning sickness that was soon to settle in, no one else was going to gain 30 Ibs within 9 months, no one else was going to truly feel the beautiful rhythm of my baby’s body growing inside of me.

Nine hard, yet all worth the while months pass and I finally look into my child’s eyes. They are beautiful. They sparkle with innocence and bewilderment. I am lost in an ocean of pureness. Each night I check in twice, maybe three times to make sure all is well and both my children are secure and at peace. Each night I place gently place my hand to their tiny backs to make sure they are still breathing. Each night, I enter their rooms to hear their soft peaceful breaths.
Slowly open your eyes...Still have that warm feeling inside...I hope so...because you're going to need it to truly understand what is coming up, close your eyes again and follow me...

Now, imagine that all this was taken away. Imagine that one night, you enter that room and all that is left of that sweet precious child you left peacefully asleep in their beds is a corpse, pierced by bullets. Look at these pictures, feel what these people are feeling. What makes this okay to do?

This is Gaza. This is Gaza today, this is Gaza NOW. This is what Israel is justifying. This is what the world is nonchalantly looking at. Are these beautiful children not important to anyone? Israel has become the BULLY – they are the diabolical spoiled brat that no one will reprimand for fear of….what again??? THIS IS NOT A JUSTIFIED WAR…War is NEVER justified! A lot of us would just turn our heads and continue living…but what are they supposed to do when they are being killed? These children, these women, these men, these elderly – don’t they have a right to live. Israel says it is fighting Hamas…well…fight them already – on your own damned battle ground…not in the middle of homes, schools, playgrounds (if old tires and piping are considered playgrounds nowadays).

The Holocaust was a tragedy – not only for the people living but for the descendants of these people…they have now become the MONSTERS that they so dreaded when they were getting pulled out of their homes and thrown into concentration camps. They did not have the State of Israel then…guess what it was called…PALESTINE…yes PALESTINE! Whatever happened to Palestine? In 1948 the Zionists thought that they deserved something better for themselves, a safe place for all Jews. That is fine – but what of the people that already lived there? What of the centuries of families that lived there? What of them? Did these people matter or where they mere ants that could be crushed easily? Unfortunately in the eyes of a Zionist…they were the latter. They had no ownership or right to their own land. Decades later…and the children and innocent are paying for it. Look at these pictures! Really LOOK!

Okay, okay I hear the argument of the “suicide bombers” coming up…um…yeah. What would happen at school if say, one kid took a pencil out of another kid’s hand mid-sentence and slapped them on the back of the head? There would most probably be a fight. So everyone expects there to be tension when something as menial as this occurs. Now think of what happens to an average human being when they have watched everything dear killed and destroyed in front of their very eyes…your mother is killed, your father is tortured, your younger brother is buried alive and you can’t help him, your fiancĂ© is raped and thrown in a wayside gutter in some unknown place…what would you do? You have nothing, you have no home, no land – nothing…human condition says: 1. You either kill yourself or 2. You join a force that will help you find your vengeance. Religion does not play a role in what people are doing. Religion is not an excuse to use when referring to these bombings…it’s not the excuse of the Zionists and it shouldn’t be said of Palestinians either. No religion concedes to killing and hatred…it is the human condition and our ability to choose that makes us who we are.

After you have read this entry, I entreat you …look at the faces of Gaza one by one…think, consider and reconsider…educate yourselves.

You may not speak their language…but you can read their eyes…read them, understand them and realize that this is a nightmare that they can't get out of.

As all humanity, they too want peace and serenity and to know that everything will be alright. Once you’ve seen, thank God that you can still feel the sweet, gentle breath of your baby. Thank God that you and your family are safe. Ask God to alleviate the suffering and guide the human race to what is right. Ameen.

-Peace Be Upon you All -

A Heavy Hearted,


ps...Because of the graphic nature of this entry, I have removed the pictures. If you are interested in finding more out, you can easily search google for images of Palestinian children. You won't find the happy little kids that you might find searching for any other will find just those types of pictures I had posted.


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